Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

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What is high blood pressure?

Blood pressure is simply the pressure of blood in your arteries, the vessels that carry blood from your heart around your body. Blood pressure changes throughout the day and is affected by many different everyday events.

High blood pressure known as hypertension, is a condition where the blood pressure is higher than normal. In most people there is no known cause for high blood pressure, but it is often linked to lifestyle factors. Recognise the risks As you get older you’re more likely to develop high blood pressure. Some people are at a higher risk than others. Two of the main risk factors are lack of exercise and being overweight.

If you are worried about your blood pressure, you may want to consider booking an appointment to visit one of our branches.

What does the test involve?

The test involves a blood pressure measurement, blood glucose test and life style and family history assessment to provide a cardiovascular risk assessment and offer a professional support.

Our pharmacist will measure your blood glucose level by doing a finger prick blood test. The results will be available while you wait and will be explained to you as part of the check.

If your blood pressure is high, our pharmacist will give you a comprehensive personalised health advice on how to lower risk and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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