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How It Works

Gone forever are the headaches, hassles and high costs of obtaining the drugs you want and need. You now have a friend in our Medimart Pharmacy's Pharmacist Online Consultation service.

Using the speed internet or your phone, you can access quality advice from our experience pharmacists and have your require drugs delivered to your door steps. Our team of professionals are dedicated to making your every experience with our Pharmacist Online Consultation service a pleasant one.

What We Do For You

Give our pharmacists a call, whatsapp us or fill our online form from the convinience of your home or office and comfortably talk with our pharmacists. Our experienced and well trained professional will patiently note all your issues and make prescriptions or advise you if need be. They'll on the other hand take your prescriptions if you already have one from your doctor. Your precriptions will then be delivered to your door step in a few minutes. Conviniet, isn't it?

With Medimart Pharmacy's Pharmacist Online Consultation;

  • You save valuable time because you won't have to stay in traffic in a bid to get our premises. Your prescriptions are delivered to your premises in minutes.
  • You have access to quality health care from the comfort of your home.
  • You're saved from any embrassment if the drug you require will cause you any public embrassment.
  • Your privacy is guaranteed.

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